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At ASR we rescue and recycle Aloha Shirts. That's it. We really dig Aloha shirts and we like the idea of repurposing neat stuff. We search the auctions, attics and thrift shops of the world for Aloha Shirts in need of rescue.

Some of our shirts are traditional Hawaiian-made (Hawaiian shirts) and some are Hawaiian style (Aloha shirts). Some are in mint, collectable condition, and some are beaters better suited to backpacking or a beach BBQ. All of our shirts have plenty of Aloha left in them.

We hope you will consider rescuing an Aloha Shirt. These beauties were made to be worn and are guaranteed to brighten your day. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
Thank You and Aloha!


"Fashion Passes. Style Remains."
-Coco Chanel

Mr. Kailua Aloha Shirt
Angel Island Reef
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"Aloha Never Goes Out of Style."
-Wade Icey, ASR intern

Elephant Disco Shirt

Elephant Disco Wear
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